Designer Soap Cupcakes

Our gorgeous soap cupcakes look good enough to eat and smell even yummier. Made with nourishing oils like Olive and Coconut oil, it leaves your skin soft and nourished.

Our Chocolate and Mint Soap Cupcake smells delicious and good enough to eat. Made with real cocoa they smell heavenly. The Spearmint essential oils we use are revitialisng and refreshing.

The "Delicious" cupcakes fragrance begins with top notes of apple, cucumber, and yuzu; followed by middle notes of magnolia, tuberose, lily of the valley, and fresh cut roses; with base notes of sandalwood and white amber. Quite alluring!

Our Chocolate Vanilla Soap Cupcake smells like freshly baked choc chip cookie and vanilla fudge. With a cute soap "cherry" on top.

Our beautiful "Somewhere over the rainbow... " cupcake is topped with clouds & smells clean, fresh and crisp.

Truly a delight for your senses and your skin. Cupcake can be cut in half for ease of use and longevity.