For Influencers, bloggers, You tubers and MUA ONLY!!!

We get inquiries everyday from Influencers, Make up artists, Bloggers and You tubers for free products to reveiw. As an upcoming brand we can only give a limited amount of free products away. We are trying to help as many people as possible to grow their following and have content for social media. We have decided to offer a huge discount on an “Influencer box”.  You can then use these Pink products to post on your various social media platforms. The price of the box will cover our many costs and help you to grow your followers!

To qualify for this box you MUST send us your Instagram and Facebook handles so that we can check your feed for authenticity and to see your posts. Pls mail this to our PR team at No boxes will be dispatched if we don't have this email.

We only have 20 boxes available EVERY MONTH. Discount codes CANNOT be used with this box as its already discounted by 50% or more.

All we require from you in return is at least 3 posts mentioning our products. It must be posted on Instagram or Facebook - on your feed (not Instagram/Facebook Stories-as these disappear after 24 hours) to qualify for your next Influencer purchase. 

Your photos and reviews will also show us that you are committed to spreading our Pink message and you will have a headstart on being potentially selected for our next team of Influencers.  We do have a VERY specific style we are looking for and the photos must be great quality.