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The 5 Step Make-Up Ready Guide


Morning and evening skincare and make-up regimes vary widely from person to person.  However one thing that is common amongst women is the desire to have flawless, youthful skin with make-up that lasts.  For this very reasonKiKi has specially designed the Make-Up Ready process.  This easy-to-follow step-by-step process will help to leave your skin looking youthful and radiant with make-up that lasts longer throughout the day or night.


Step 1 – Moisturise  

After you have cleansed and toned your face in the morning or evening it is essential to provide your skin with moisture and nourishment.  KiKi’s Make-Up Ready Natural Radiance Moisturiser contains special ingredients such as Vitamin B3 and avocado oil to leave your skin feeling smooth and supple and to restore your skin’s natural radiance.  The Radiance Moisturiser will help to lock in the moisture and provide a layer of protection.  KiKi’s Natural Radiance Moisturiser is specially formulated to complement KiKi’s Make-Up Ready Face Primer.  Both dry and oily skin types can enjoy the benefits of this moisturiser.


Step 2 – Prime

After your skin has been moisturised and is soft and supple, apply a layer of KiKi’s Make-Up Ready Face Primer to smooth the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  The fragrance freeFace Primer will act as a blank canvas layer to make foundation application as effortless as possible and help make-up last longer.  The primer also helps to boost the pigments of your eyeshadow and foundation, control shine and prevent make-up meltdown. KiKi’s Make-Up Ready Rose Wax Lip Balm can also be applied on the lips as a lip primer.  The lip balm will help to moisturise the lips, condition them and provide a layer of glossy lusciousness to ensure your lipstick spreads well and lasts longer.


Step 3 – Foundation and Conceal

The next step is to apply concealer (if necessary) as well as foundation.  Watch this space for KiKi’s range of foundations and concealers still to be released.  If you are the type to keep it au naturel, KiKi’s Make-Up Ready Face Primer can be used instead of foundation to help provide a smooth, blemish free look.  KiKi’s Make-Up Ready Setting Sprays can be used after foundation application to set foundation before the rest of your make-up is applied.


Step 4 – Perfect and Finish

In this step apply the rest of your make-up as usual.  Watch this space for KiKi’s range of eye make-up, lip and contouring products to enhance your Make-Up Ready look.  KiKi’s Make-Up Ready Rose Wax Lip Balm contains the rare and special ingredient rose wax, which helps to rejuvenate and invigorate the delicate skin of the lips.  The Rose Wax Lip Balm can be used as a two-in-one lip gloss.  It not only provides moisture to the lips but leaves them looking luscious and full.


Step 5 – Set & Refresh

The final step in the Make-Up Ready process is to set your make-up by using one of the three Make-Up Ready Setting Sprays.  The last step ensures maximum make-up and moisture hold.  Any of the three light and silky setting sprays can be sprayed on throughout the day or night to set make-up and refresh and revive the skin.  Choose one of the setting sprays or rotate between the three.  The original Setting Spray provides a maximum setting effect. The Rose Dew Setting Spray uplifts and revives, while the Cool Citrus Setting Spray refreshes and cools.  All of KiKi’s setting sprays are free of synthetic fragrance and suitable for both dry and oily skin