Flamingo Moon

We've curated some beautiful designs to make your Instagram feed stand out above the rest! Our customized flatlay backdrops have a matte surface, ensuring no glare and can be wiped down easily and quickly even if using food on them.  Our "Insta Prop" kits  are inspired and curated so you can literally just add your product and shoot! Everything you need to create a beautiful Instagram feed in 5 minutes! 

Our goal: Never seeing another product shot on a duvet ever again!!!

Used by bloggers, fashionistas, product photographers, designers, moms, food stylists, make up lovers, wedding photographers, small businesses, influencers and more

Indulge in our high quality, cost effective flat backdrops to showcase your beautiful products, nail designs, cupcakes, jewellery or anything you create daily and show them to the world on Instagram and Facebook.

It is suitable for both film and digital shooters, works well with various camera formats and a smartphone. Can be reused over and over if cared for properly. Please note there may be slight color variations to this product.