DIY Formulatory - Fail proof Rockhard Bathbombs

DIY Formulatory - Fail proof Rockhard Bathbombs

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Skill level - Beginner

There's nothing like a long, warm, fizzy bath at the end of the day! And there's something even better about knowing that you made those fizzy bath bombs with your own two hands. Bath bombs can be a fun indulgence or a great gift and with this simple tutorial, you can make them in batches to use or to share. Once you get the hang of this simple technique, you can customize your creations with various shapes, sizes,colours and scents to really get creative.

I struggled for months and had tons of failed bathbombs before I managed to create the perfect flop-proof bath bombs. My formula is specifically for South African makers as we don't have access to all the fancy ingredients and equipment overseas. 

The formula only will be downloaded after purchase and the formula and ingredients will be couriered to you. Extra bonus a list of SA suppliers where I buy my bathbomb ingredients from so that you know exactly where to buy from.  

The ingredients supplied are:

Citric Acid, Sodium Bicarbonate, Kaolin clay, Cocobutter, Fragrance oil

Powder dye.

All you need to buy is available from your local chemist or grocery store.

Makes 18- 20 bathbombs and includes a durable metal round mould.

Step by step instruction guide. 

Equipment you need:

Electric hand beater or a food mixer

Tray with double layer bubble wrap