Skin Ritual -Dry/Sensitive skin

Skin Ritual -Dry/Sensitive skin

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Our daily routine of cleaning and bathing is a lovely opportunity to find balance and take some time out to center ourselves.  Every evening when you clean your face, turn the lights down a bit, take a deep breathe & follow our calming skin care ritual. With our gentle facial range made with all natural ingredients you will find a place of peace and balance. Not to mention , clean nourished and hydrated skin. #lovemyskin

This set consists of 5 full sized products

Cleansing balm,

Protect Facial oil,

Oats, Coconut & chamomile mask. 

Superskin moisturizer 

Hyaluronic acid serum

How to use?

Gently splash face with warm water, then spray with our Floral Facial mist. Use a pea sized amount of our Cleansing balm, massage into your face, take your time  and really enjoy this ritual. Massage enhances absorption while you breathe in the delicious smell from the essential oils. Gently rinse off.

Apply one of your Masks & leave on for 10-20 minutes. Or #multimask and use 2 different masks on the different areas of your face. For an EXTRA special ritual use our Hydrating facial oil to mix your mask with instead!

Spray face with Pink Floral Facial mist  to help removal . Rinse with water and remove mask (best done in shower).

While face is still wet spray with Facial mist, then while still wet , apply our Hydrating facial oil. This traps the water right on top of your skin where it can penetrate and really help hydrate. 

Massage the oil gently into your face and decollete and breathe in the heady scent of Ylang ylang. 

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