Multimasking detox box

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Our 100% pure and natural face masks will help you reach your #SkinGoals and help detoxify your skin. When our unique blends are mixed with rose water it creates a negative charge and literally ‘pulls’ the toxins straight from your skin. Leaving you with clearer, softer, healthier looking skin. Enough for 10 powder masks.

Works on all skins, oily as well as sensitive skin types.

100% Cruelty Free, contains NO Parabens, Vegan Friendly and 100% Natural.

You will receive 1 box totalling 10 masks. 

Everything you need to get clearer, more radiant skin. Each box contains

10 x 7 grams mask powder sachets - assorted

100ml Organic Rose Water bottle ( 10mls for 1 mask)

Floral facial steamer 

1 x  10 ml Protect facial oil

1 x mask application brush

1 x plastic mixing bowl & spatula

It is important for the mask powders to not come in touch with metal, pls use a plastic bowl and spoon for each application.

Applying your Mask is quick and easy! And it’s also quite fun mixing it all together yourself. Choose the mask best suited for your skin type needs that day. 

Step 1 - Open sachet and empty into the plastic bowl. Then add 10 mls (tablespoon) Rose Water & mix.

Step 2 - Mix the Clay and Water together until you get a smooth consistency. 

Step 3 - Apply your mask to a clean, dry face avoiding your eyes and mouth. Apply evenly and allow mask to set for about 20 minutes.

Step 4 - Before the mask is fully dry, wash off using warm water and a face cloth. We recommend doing this in the shower to stop mess.

You may occur some slight redness after washing off the mask. This is normal and will disappear after 30 mins. Apply your normal moisturiser/hydrating oil.

Use masks once or twice a week.

Masks supplied are a selection of :

Matcha green tea, Rhassoul, Rose and Acai berry, Moringa, charcoal & Aloe, Coconut milk & Chamomile, Cacao, turmeric & ginger.

All ingredients listed on individual product listings