Reusuable Earbuds- Assorted colour

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These reusable earbuds help minimize billions of single-use cotton earbuds sitting in a landfill. Many plastic-stemmed ear buds also end up flushed down the toilet, where they go out to sea eventually washing up on the beach. With these reusable silicone ear buds, we can feel good about the actions we take and choices we make to avoid creating daily waste.

They come in a handy travel case with a mirror which makes it fast and fun fixing makeup mistakes or touching up lipstick when needed, instead of having to find a ladies’ room. These reusable silicone ear buds are also great for cleaning delicate areas around the ears and can even be used for arts and crafts.

How to use and clean

They feel lovely and can be cleaned super easily. Simply clean them with water and some soap or use your make up remover to clean them. If you’d like to sanitize them, soak them in rubbing alcohol.

Because the tips are made from soft silicone and not an absorbent material, we suggest using them to clean the outer ear after drying the ear with a towel as much as possible.


Before use, make sure both tips are securely in place. It is possible for the tips to come off during cleaning. Use only to clean the outer surface of your ear and do not insert ear bud into ear canal to avoid any swab-related ear injuries. Please take extra care when using for pet or baby care!

End of lifespan

Please reuse or repurpose the plastic storage case by using it for storing small trinkets like earrings, necklaces, paper clips etc. The ear buds’ rods are made of plastic and will need to be disposed of responsibly. Please add them to an ecobrick.