Wedding Favours

We make a variety of unique hand crafted personalized wedding favors to give to your wedding guests to thank them for sharing your special day. We can co-ordinate our soap cupcakes, soap bars and bath bombs to match any colour and theme. Choose your own fragrances, either something soft and floral, fun and funky or our "designer" range of perfumes. Personalize it with our trendy sticker options and you have a bespoke gift that's truly one of a kind.

First choose your wedding favour gift. You can buy our products "naked" with no outer packaging or personalized lable and get your bridesmaids to help you wrap and make them look pretty OR choose clear box with personalized lable option and head to our personalized lable option to choose the perfect lable design for your wedding and add to shopping cart (they don't cost anything extra- included in pricing of Option 3) 

Wedding favours have a 4-6 week lead time.

 Email us on for any bespoke favours.