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A'Pieu-Bubble maker

Pink Cosmetics

A'Pieu-Bubble maker

R 85.00

You simply remove the top and plunge from the cup of the Bubble Maker, squirt in your favorite facial cleaner and a tiny bit of water, replace the cap, and plunge, plunge, plunge away. As you plunge you’ll create a mound of foaming lather which you can scoop out to wash your face with. When I say mound, I mean a huge pile of lather! Bubble Makers create a MASS amount of bubbly lather. It’s pretty fun to use but also, I love the fact I can create turn any facial cleanser into a huge pile of bubbles! I find it works best with creamier cleansers  but gel facial cleansers that lather up will work here too they just won’t create as rich a lather. 

Description and pics from Musings of a muse. 

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