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Evie Blender

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Evie Blender

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 The Evie Blender is very different from the flat silicone blenders that are actually smooth plastic or vinyl filled with a silicone gel. Silicone gels are not tested for skin safety, so if you have one of those products please be careful if they rip open or tear. We are the world's first 100% silicone makeup Blender made out of a soft, platinum grade hypoallergenic solid silicone. 


  • Made from 100% hypoallergenic platinum grade silicone
  • Doesn't absorb makeup like a blender made from foam, so you use less product and save money
  • Washes off quickly with warm water and soap, rubbing alcohol or just a makeup wipe
  • No more makeup stains stuck on your blender no matter how many times you wash it!
  • Textured surface applies makeup just like a traditional sponge blender providing a perfect blended finish
  • Soft as skin
  • With proper care, lasts at least twice as long as foam sponges
  • Doesn't hold on to makeup residue, which can harbor bacteria and cause breakouts
  • Has a wider base for covering larger areas and a smaller pointed end to get under the eyes and in small areas
  • Eco-friendly compared to foam blenders and sponges. No more throwing sponges out every couple of months!
  • Apply about half the amount of makeup you normally would use with a foam sponge. The Evie Blender™ is best for liquid, creams, or gel makeup. You can also use it with contour, highlight, or blush powders. You can even use it to apply lipstick. However, we don't recommend using it to apply all over face powders. If you use any primers, please allow your primer to soak in thoroughly.
  • Blend the makeup onto your skin by first swiping the product where you want to apply it. Next, bounce Evie Blender™ onto the skin, with a bouncing or tapping motion, to blend for an airbrush quality finish.

    Wash your Evie Blender™ with a makeup remover wipe or warm soap and water. You can also wipe with rubbing alcohol to sanitize it. However, please don't let your Evie Blender™ soak in alcohol or she will get damaged.

    Dry with a cloth or air dry!

    That's it!

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