Brush Cleaner Sponge - Removes Shadow Color from Your Brush

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This Brush Color cleaning sponge is a versatile cosmetic tool designed to offer flexibility in terms of the application of eye shadow.

Simple to use and enchantingly efficient, Brush Color Switch allows you to switch the shade of eye shadow mid-application, by just a sweep of the brush across the magnificent surface. With the ability to remove the unwanted hue from the makeup brush, this revolutionary beauty necessity paves the way for the application of a new shade without the risk of crossover colours.

Used by makeup artists the world over, this duo eradicates the left-over and unwanted product from the brush, delivering clean, precise and beautiful application of the makeup. Featuring a sponge in the centre that dampens the brush to apply the shadow wet, this sensational beauty tool allows for full creative control without the fear of colour cross-contamination.

Both sides can be used and then wash with our Solid brush cleaner.