Roc n Rose- Rhassoul, Rose petal & Acai berry mask powder

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Indulge in the sheer luxury of Moroccan tradition and turn your beauty routine into an exquisite Hammam spa ritual with the power of Rhassoul cleansing clay and invigorating Acai Berry. These powerhouse ingredients will ensure a smoother, fresher facial appearance after every use.

Rhassoul Clay is a phenomenal Moroccan ingredient used for over 1400 years as a revitalising treatment for flawless skin. Its distinct mineral composition includes:

*Magnesium: Ideal to strengthen and repair skin, reduce skin oiliness and also contains incredible stress-relieving properties.

*Silica: Often referred to as a secret to anti-ageing, this ingredient aids in the production of collagen to firm and hydrate skin.

*Stevensite: Packed with powerful anti-irritants and anti-inflammatory properties to soothe and heal skin.

Revive your facial appearance from within using our mask powder which has been specially formulated to ensure a smoother, softer and restored skin. 

Great for all skin types and particularly beneficial for matured skin, as well as normal, problem or combination skins.

In a bowl, mix together 1 teaspoon of our face mask powder with warm water, yogurt, smashed fruit or warm milk to form a thick paste. Add in one pump of our Pink Hydrating Facial Oil for additional nourishment.

Test the paste on the side of your neck and if well tolerated, apply a thin layer on your face, avoiding the eyes and lips. Let the mixture dry completely (approximately 20 minutes) and then remove by gently massaging your face with a wet, warm washcloth to exfoliate the skin.

Apply a moisturizer or hydrating facial oil to your rinsed face.

Your face may incur slight redness after removing the mask. This is normal as it proves that the ingredients have actively penetrated the skin and drawn out any toxins. This redness should disappear after 30 minutes.

If you experience any signs of skin irritation, please discontinue use. For the best results, store your mask powder in a cool, dry place.

Rhassoul clay, Rose petals, rosehip, Acai berry, Kaolinite, damask rose essential oil.

It is 100% natural, 100% cruelty-free and Vegan friendly, with no harmful ingredients added.

250 gram mask powder