Cotton Buds (Organic Tips with Recycled Paper Stems)

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Msulwa Life’s Eco-Conscious Cotton Buds are the plastic free solution to the overuse of plastic stemmed buds. Our Cotton Buds are Eco-Friendly, Plastic Free, Natural/Organic, quickly Biodegradable & utilize Recycled Paper!

Cotton buds have become a household essential for many, used to remove make-up, gentle ear cleaning and fixing up failed smoky eye attempts…but the problem with the plastic stems is that they are a disaster and a thing of our embarrassing past!

Our Msulwa Life Eco-Conscious pack comes with two types of paper stem cotton buds:

  • 30x white 100% organic cotton tips with pure paper stems
  • 30x natural cotton tips with brown recycled paper stems (rounded only or rounded and pointed)