DIY Home Facial Kit

DIY Home Facial Kit

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Cleanse - Gently cleanse your face with our Lotus Creme. 

Steam - Boil the kettle and pour into large bowl. Add our Floral facial steamer to the water. Wait 5 minutes, place towel over head and gently steam face. 

Exfoliate &  Mask - Leaving skin wet apply the  Pink clay mask & scrub and gently massage with your fingers to exfoliate. Add a bit more water if needed. Leave area under eyes clean from mask and Apply a slice of cucmber or lemon on your eyes, lie  down and leave on for 20 minutes.

Hydrate  -  Remove eye pads. Spray the mask on face with the Aloe Rose facial mist and then rinse off face with warm clean water. This is the time to gently do extractions on the nose area or where required. Put cotton wool on each finger and gently squeeze the area next to a pimple with a head or on and around nose area. Be careful. 

Tone -  Saturate a cotton pad with Rose water and apply to your face. 

Replenish - Gently massage your face and neck area with Superskin Moisturizer. 

Repair - Apply Protect Facial oil over face and neck area. 

Full size lip butter included. 

You will receive mini product sizes which will be enough product for 2 to 4 full facials.