The Essentials Kit

The Essentials Kit

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The Founder of Pink cosmetics believes in keeping it simple with your skincare and not using too many products at the same time. Its better for your skin, the environment and your budget!

"I believe that in today’s busy lifestyle it’s hard to find time for skincare.  There are so many buzzwords and skincare trends, and it's really hard to differentiate between them and know what to listen to and what to avoid. I love the Korean skincare routine but its 10 steps twice a day and honestly who has time, or the budget for that!! I believe in a simple skincare routine and for those very busy days to focus on just 3 Golden skincare rules. Cleansing, Moisturising and Sunblock. On the days you have time you can tone, add a serum or oil, or mix one of our single-ingredient skin shots into your moisturizer to address the issues your skin is facing that day. On the busy days when you just don't have time, as long as you cleanse, moisturize and SPF - you are good to go!" Janet Pink

This essentials kit contains 3 Full size products. 

Rose Gelly Cleanser - 100ml

Everyskin- Light daily moisturiser - 50ml

SPF30 Face sunscreen - 50ml