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It's skin- Power 10 formula - Sleep in Mask

Pink Cosmetics

It's skin- Power 10 formula - Sleep in Mask

R 45.00

The Power 10 Formula ingredients care the skin troubles during the night.

The 2 in 1 type with the sleeping capsule inside the effector cares the skin troubles.

Cares the skin troubles conveniently with the sanitary disposable capsules.

Ye: Energy, Vitality

Gf: Moisture, Calming

Vc: Vitality, Moisturizing

Li: Clear Skin

Co: Fine, Elasticity

Po: Pore Care

Vb: Fresh, Cool

Ve: Nutrition, Glow

Wh: Bright, Whitening

Wr: Anti-aging, Elasticity


How to Use



Mix thoroughly, spread smoothly, and wash off the next morning.



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