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Cart 0 -Jelly pack Hydra 2 step mask

Pink Cosmetics -Jelly pack Hydra 2 step mask

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J.ONE Jelly Pack Vita Mask an anti-aging 2-step treatment mask that revitalises and firms dull skin. 

Step 1 - Charcoal Sheet Mask

The fine mask sheet is made of Bamboo Charcoal fabric sheet that suck out pore clogging impurities, preparing skin for better absorption. Formulated with Black Bee Propolis, Fermented Black Tea extract, Fullerene which is known for its amazing oxygen locking ability, Hyaluronic Acid to revitalise skin by pumping in moist and oxygen. After application, skin feels deeply nourished, moisturised and smoother. 

Step 2 - Jelly Pack

Elevate the results with the jelly pack to lock in moist and deeply nourish skin with the powerful skin lifting essence. 

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