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Kiki Volcanic gold exfoliating mask

Pink Cosmetics

Kiki Volcanic gold exfoliating mask

R 440.00

What it is

KiKi’s Volcanic Gold Face Exfoliator is one of our signature products, creatively formulated to awaken the senses and provide the ultimate cosmetic experience.  KiKi’s Volcanic Gold Face Exfoliator is a unique gold coloured product which washes and cleanses the face, exfoliates and moisturises, while supplying a gentle heating effect. This beautiful product exudes luxury as it is flecked with golden pieces and filled with prime ingredients to delicately remove dead skin cells and lightly nourish and moisturise the skin.


Why we love it

For us this product is all about fully engaging the senses and gaining the maximum enjoyment and cosmetic benefits from the product. The Volcanic Gold Face Exfoliator contains a mixture of natural clays and golden particles and has an original, distinct appearance which excites the eyes and mind. The golden product is not only wonderful to look at but also feels amazing on the skin.  As you begin to massage the exfoliator gently onto your face and neck, the mild heat created soothes and relaxes your skin, opening your pores to allow for a deep cleanse.  Natural exfoliant particles gently scrub away the dead skin, oil and dirt and leave a brighter and more glowing complexion.  An invigorating aroma that is radiant and fresh, further enhances the one-of-a-kind experience. Special ingredients in the Volcanic Gold Face Exfoliator complete the process by moisturising and hydrating the face.

Review from Rogue beauty :

"I love this scrub. The mixture of golden particles, black clay and floral scent, delicately scrub and cleanse the skin from all impurities and the heating effect allows for the pores to open up for a deep cleanse.  After 1 use my skin looked noticeably different. I would expect the exfoliator to leave my skin robbed of its natural oils and visibly dry, however not with the KiKi Volcanic Gold Face Exfoliator! My skin was left smooth, clearer and particularly moisturized.  This extraordinary exfoliator ticks all the boxes for me. It refines and unclogs the skin, adds instant moisture: leaves my skin feeling soft and comfortably clean.  All in all, I just really love the consistency of this product, and it makes my skin feel pampered. This is my newest exfoliator, and I am thoroughly enjoying it!"


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