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Pilaten Blackhead Remover (pack of 3)

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Pilaten Blackhead Remover (pack of 3)

R 50.00


  • 100% Brand new, high quality,
  • Facial Cleansing mask is a beauty mask for facial care.
  • Cleans out dirt and pores effectively.
  • Improve the blood circulation of your face by this mask.
  • Helps to keep your face smooth and supple.
  • Guarantees fresh product with each packet, compared to tubes exposed to oxygen and bacteria. 


  • Squish the packet a couple of times to mix up the contents.

  • Clean face thoroughly using warm or hot water to open up your pores.

  • Completely dry your skin.  Some suggest using some kind of toning cream.

  • One packet is good for small areas of the face such as the nose.  (A full facial may take 2 to 4 packets)

  • Apply in target area one thin layer at a time, avoiding eyes, mouth, and any facial hair.  (Guys should shave first!)

  • After about 1 to 3 thin layers, you should have a nice solid black mask.

  • Allow to dry completely.  (10 to 20 minutes)

  • Peel off, generally recommended from the top going down.  (This may hurt a little bit)

  • Wipe off any pieces that you cannot peel with a warm wet cloth.

  • If everything was done properly, you should easily see dead skin still on the mask!

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