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Pink bath- Geode bathbombs LTD EDITION

Pink Cosmetics

Pink bath- Geode bathbombs LTD EDITION

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 Inspired by the beauty of Geodes we have created a bathbomb that looks like its filled with sparkly rock crystals! 

Amethyst - This feminine fragrance has top notes of pear, melon and sparkling lemon brighten up the rich floral heart of royal purple lilies, rose, and purple freesia. A delicate touch of musk, patchouli and amber finish off this delicate fragrance. 

Rose Quartz is fragranced with a crisp fruity and sparkly fragrance. 

Jade - This refreshing fragrance oil smells crisp and cold, like a jade stone. Top notes of bright lemon, grapefruit and English ivy are followed by a heart of jasmine, green apple and neroli. A subtle base of musk, vanilla and fern moss soften this striking fragrance.

Real geodes are spherical rocks with hollow cavities lined with crystals. The name geode comes from the Greek word Geoides, which means "earthlike."Geodes might start out as animal burrows, mud deposits, or even tree roots in sedimentary rock. Over time, the air, mud, or tree roots create a hollow cavitywithin the rock, while the outer edges harden into a spherical shape. Groundwater naturally picks up a variety of Inspiminerals as it makes its way down from the surface. These minerals, including quartz, amethyst, and calcite among others, become dissolved in the groundwater and then get deposited on the inside of developing geodes over thousands of years of groundwater seepage, you can see the beautiful result when you open a geode to reveal crystal points and/or layers of banded crystals inside the geode's cavity.

We only use body-approved colorants and natural fragrance oils to infuse your tub with natural goodness. NO SULPHATES

Our bombs are made individually by hand and due to high demand there could be a 3-4 day wait for them.

 Ingredients: Citric Acid, Sodium Bicarbonate, Kaolin Clay, Cocoa butter, Sweet almond oil, Grapeseed oil, Fragrance oils, Mica, Body approved colorants, Sugar/Salt crystals

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