Linen & Room spray

Linen & Room spray

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Our Lavender linen and room spray can be misted on linen and laundry, or used as an ironing spray to keep your linen refreshed and less wrinkled. It can also refresh hard-to-wash items, like comforters and pillows, between washings. It is ideal for any room and can even be sprayed in your car.  Freshen up all areas of your home, without using harsh chemical aerosol sprays.The fresh, clean scent is made with natural lavender essential oils which don’t only smell wonderful, but also have a calming therapeutic effect.

Lavender eases stress and tension, and leaves your living areas smelling fresh and clean.

There is no artificial color or harmful ingredients, so you can feel good about spraying it throughout your home.

Like all essential oils, keep away from Dogs, bunnies and cats and do not use on Baby linen. Not intended for us on the body. 

Distilled water, alcohol, lavender essential oil , Polysorbate 80

200 mls glass bottle