What our Clients say

As most of my clients prefer to remain anonymous we take privacy very seriously.

"The products from the Pink Lab really impressed me. As a new business owner I was very skeptical about starting my own brand selling skincare. But, my customers love the products & so do I. Additionally, It's a very easy process & the customer service is phenomenal. They are prompt & extremely helpful."


"I highly recommend Pink Lab. Not only are their products superb and deliver the results they promise, Janet herself is a dream to work with! She encourages my ideas and always goes above and beyond to help me realize my skincare dreams. She not only sees my vision, but puts in every effort to ensure that the products are formulated accordingly so that I can sell honest, quality products to my clients"


"Quick and easy process to start your own brand. Everything is nicely explained so you know what you're going to get. Time frame was given of 3 to 4 weeks and products was done in that time frame, no extra waiting. I don't have any complaints, very professional and friendly service received. "


"I'm so happy! I've been talking to Janet for a few months about my ideas and what I would like to achieve with my product and business. She was able to help me formulate a product to match my needs and even improve my idea 10 fold! Janet even helped me find the best people to help with my labeling and design. With my first product being such a success, I can't wait to start working on the next one. Thank you for helping me make my dream of a business, a reality!"