About me

“ Hi , I’m Janet, the founder of Pink.

I am not your standard beauty brand owner.

I don’t order samples from a catalogue at a lab, and choose a colour or serum, based on whats trending , or what I like.

I literally dream my products up, out of a desire to make a difference, and really help the problems my treasured clients are dealing with- from hyperpigmentation to ageing & acne.

I believe strongly in the power of plants and vibrant herbs and colorful plant oils with all kinds of potent deliciousness arrive daily to our lab. The air is alive with their intoxicating fresh scents and abuzz with the layered sounds of our mixers and blenders all creating the world’s sweetest symphony from nature.

I research , investigate, experiment & source ingredients from all over the world. I formulate, create , test and do it all over again, myself, to make sure the product I have imagined is exactly what i wanted or better. This way I ensure that only the freshest, and best quality ingredients, are sourced. Each product is made ethically, with love,  good intentions and to be the best it can be in its category, all made locally.

By tapping into my intuition and maintaining integrity with the desire to help , I believe our range is incredible , and beautiful both inside and outside.

I try to keep our prices as reasonable as possible , and I’m proud that compared to our fellow local beauty brands we are 1/3 to 1/2 the price, without compromising on quality and efficacy.

I know you will enjoy all our products as much as I enjoy making them.”  Janet Pink


Pink Cosmetics was established in 2014 proudly producing facial, bath and body products combining the best worlds of both science and nature. Each product is made in small batches, and draws inspiration from nature as the ultimate source of many beneficial healing properties. The name itself sums up the brand. PINK: Perfectly Inspired by Nature’s Knowledge. From artisan soaps, masks, scrubs and home scents, to bath, hair, body, our Facial products, and our new Mineral make-up , the range of Pink Cosmetics is ever evolving. Pink Cosmetics are very proud to sell our beautiful products which are all vegan and contain no sulphates and parabens all over South Africa. We NEVER test on animals and all our suppliers are "cruelty free" too. We are approved by Beauty without Cruelty. 


“I want to educate others about the dangers of harmful ingredients that cause damage to the skin. I want them to feel empowered and to know that there are safe and superior options available” Pink Cosmetics epitomizes this truth so wonderfully!

 “I have always loved flowers & the hidden magic they contain, to heal and help us. My Granny Isobel was the one who instilled my love for flowers, fairies and all things magical. From a young age I would imagine each rose in the garden as having feelings, needing to be looked after & that Fairies lived inside them. I would make lotions & potions with crushed berries & flower petals & leave them in the garden to feed the fairies in the moonlight. I was always interested in skincare and loved learning about making facial masks and skincare when I studied beauty therapy. I realized very early on that body massages & foot pedicures were not what I wanted to do one day, but helping people to heal & look after their skin was where my heart was. “ Janet Pink