Artisan hand crafted soaps

Artisan hand crafted soaps

natural soaps in Cape TownFor beautifully refreshing and luxurious body soaps, look no further than our handcrafted cold-process artisan bars. These rich, nourishing and sweet-smelling creations are packed with healthy all-natural ingredients for hours of guiltless pleasure.

Each bar of soap is a labour of love, made by using a centuries’ old method of soap making and curing (at least six weeks) to ensure the proper blend of all-natural plant oils and butters with essential and fragrance oils. The result is a creamy, soothing and powerfully moisturising soap that will leave your skin feeling smooth, clean and invigorated.

Unlike commercial soaps, our bars are one-of-a-kind, rich in glycerin and made in small batches to ensure the finest quality is achieved. Our products are proudly free from harmful sulphates, preservatives, parabens or petrochemicals. Our soaps have not been tested on animals.

We offer a wide variety of artisan soaps and are always experimenting with new fresh ingredients and flavours inspired by nature. Among our top sellers are our deluxe vanilla soaps, infused with fragrant and fresh vanilla; as well as our coffee and cream bars which are produced with fresh ground coffee, cream and coconut milk.

Our mild and calming Baby Buttermilk Soap is also perfect for sensitive skin, and especially safe for children and infants, as it does not contain any added fragrances and colorants.

Indulge in our vintage and rustic soaps, or feel pampered with our decadent soap cupcakes. Give your loved one a homemade soap as a unique gift that is both good for the environment and the body. Our range offers something for everyone.

Please click here to see our Artisan hand crafted soap collection.

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