Collection: How to start your own Beauty Business

1          Choose products you want in your range
Add to cart either a Single Sample (plastic or glass), 50 units, or 1 ltr or 5 ltr. If you are not sure what to buy then order a Kickstart your dream business consultation with Janet Pink to help you save time and money to get it EXACTLY right.
 2          Make sure cart is correct
Checkout , choose the correct shipping, and pay amount due -we offer finance options on our site
3          We receive your order
We contact you to check colour bottles and lids sprays or pumps you want and provide you with a bottle or jar sample for you to send to printer or use yourself for your lables. Download our Demo video on how to size lables correctly.
4          We order all raws, packaging etc. We then proceed to manufacture your order.
5          Within 4 to 8 weeks your order will be sent with full insurance.
You receive your beautiful,  ready to sell products and you START selling.


Now all that's left is to order online, or email us your order or any inquiries and we can send you a quote for your samples or your full order.

If you are not sure where to start, I offer an online consultation of 45 mins.  What I do for you in a consultation is help you target and drill down your target market. We determine your budget, how we can work within it -which products will fit etc. I assist with selecting your range- which products are best for what you want to achieve. I can help decide whether we need to formulate products just for you and if it’s really necessary.

I save you months to years of research, experimenting, investigating, and headaches AND fast-track you to have your range ready to sell within less than 3 months. I share our years of experience, knowledge, formulating, packaging, tips and tricks so that at the end of the hour- you have a basic plan of your next steps forward and which samples to order - so you can go ahead.


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