Does Combination skin really exist?

Does Combination skin really exist?

Yes it does! Combination skin is the most common skin type. You get 2 types, one type is oily in T zone but dry around the mouth and outer areas. The other one seems like you have oily skin but it’s really dehydrated and actually dry. Your skin is dehydrated when its lacking moisturizing ingredients, so then it over produces oils to combat that. So you are actually over producing sebum to retain moisture barrier. If you add hydration and replenish moisturizing ingredients you should help balance it out. 

The best ingredients for Combination Skin


Niacinamide at 10%  is wonderful for combo skins. Mix a few drops in to your moisturizer or apply a few drops before you moisturize.  It’s a balancer & replenishes the natural moisturizer barrier . It boosts ceramide production in skin which helps protect against (TEWL) Trans Epidermal Water Loss.

It can reduce appearance of large pores, even skin tone and help with fine lines, and make dull skin more radiant.

Can u mix niacinamide and vitamin C? Nicotinic acid which results when you mix these 2 ingredients at very high heat, cannot be created on the skin surface as its not hot enough. So it is safe to use them both on your skin. Use the Vitmain C at night and the niacinamide in the morning. Both these power house ingredients boost each other’s ability to work even better on fine lines & dullness and help to brighten skin tone. Use everyday. Apply before you moisturize or mix a few drops into your moisturizer.  

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Lactic acid

A wonderful Alpha Hydroxy acid (AHA , Lactic acid is a mild and gentle, yet super effective exfoliator. It removes dead skin cells, resurfaces the skin and removes dryness. Its also a humectant, so it really helps hydrate the skin and it won’t dry the skin out. You can use it once to twice per week.

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Squalane  is great for moisturizing skin & boosting hydration. As its not an oil it won’t clog pores & it also balances  sebum production.  Apply a few drops before you moisturize. Use every day- day and night.


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An oil free cream moisturizer like our Velvet skin is the perfect way to finish off your skin routine by locking in the actives & ensuring  less TEWL. And always remember to use sunscreen!

Reference -  Kenna Whitnell, my favourite science babe. If you are interested in skin care & chemistry,  she’s a biochemist and her videos are so informative.


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