Reveiw on our brush cleaner from Sassyfrombirth

Reveiw on our brush cleaner from Sassyfrombirth


Pink Cosmetics Pink Peonies Solid Brush and Sponge Cleaner

I noticed that my blog has been considerably devoid of products bought online. Well, not anymore… This post is about my experience shopping online at (a South African beauty and bath accessories store) and a review of the Solid Brush and Sponge Cleaner that I bought.

I’ve been pining after the brush cleaner for eons ever since I spotted it on Aisha from Stardust and Lipstick’s blog a while back. I even featured it in my May make-up wishlist here.


The brush itself retails for R150 and Pink Cosmetics charges R50 for shipping within Cape Town. But there are more than enough discount codes across the local blogosphere for you to get some ka-ching off if you know where to look 😉


On the one hand, I was glad that they didn’t offer post office delivery. For the most part the  South African Post Office is kind of like living with high expectations: expect to be disappointed. But on the other hand, I was nervous that the courier company would deliver during the day (specifically when I’m not at home). It was suggested that they could leave it with my neighbours.


Truth be told, I don’t think my neighbours even know my name. I’m such a recluse; you will never see me outside of the house walking in the street/in the garden etc. I save my errands for the city, as you may or not know from my City Diaries series. Anyway, long story short, I e-mailed the address on the electronic invoice sent to me and provided an alternate contact person who knew me and my name and could collect the delivery once Vans Couriers got to my house.


I was impressed by how soon my e-mails were responded to and by soon, I mean within minutes! Often online shopping can be very frustrating when because there isn’t a human voice/face to refer to. That was the complete opposite of my experience. Janet – the owner – personally responded to my e-mails. I suppose her hands on approach is how they uphold their high standards. I hope they never lose that personal touch.

The next day, I came home and saw a pretty pink gift bag, waiting for me in the living room. This was especially apt, considering that I had bought the product as a birthday gift for myself. #selflove My name was handwritten on a label attached to the package.


The Pink Cosmetics Solid Brush and Sponge Cleaner has really…solidpackaging for lack of a better word. I’ve dropped it from our dining room table and the the tub as well as its contents were intact. So I can vouch for its travel friendliness.


This cleaner is also environmentally friendly. According to the tub’s label, it contains: no sulphates, no parabens or petrochemicals. Unlike other brush cleaning methods which demand that you place them under a gushing tap for minutes and deplete your provincial dams in the process. (My hometown is still in the midst of a drought). With the Pink Brush Cleaner, you simply drip a little tap-water in it and dampen your brush separately.


I have the Pink Peonies scented Brush Cleaner. Its such a pleasure to feel how soft my brushes feel afterwards and how wonderful they smell: like baby shampoo but a purer, less chemical smell.


You’ll find that the water does change colour as you are swirling your brushes. Frankly, I find the process really gratifying. It’s like washing the dye out of your hair and seeing the basin turn red as your hair takes on the colour as well. Make sure to rinse the tub out afterwards. You might find some product residue on the sides. But that only happened to me after I gave my dirtiest brush (my Essence Eyeblender Brush) a splash.

The process is quick and effective. I washed a couple of my brushes and it didn’t seem to take much of the product. I can see this lasting me a long time…

Also, I appreciated that the product didn’t amp up the grease factor despite its oil-based ingredients like castor seed, coconut and olive oil. I was able to easily rinse my brushes after the swirling cleaning process.


Check out my Instagram here for a video of the Solid Brush and Sponge Cleaner in action.

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