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Free shipping for orders over R750 - use code freeship

Approved by Beauty without Cruelty & Vegan society SA - Paraben Free - Sulphate Free

Pink Lab - FAQ

What does the price include? 

Our pricing includes the product & the bottle. The pricing excludes label design, label printing, outer boxes and freight. 

Can you source different packaging, or can I supply my own packaging for you to fill? 

Genearlly it’s a no for both. We have a range of packaging options that suit most tastes. If you had your heart set on specific packaging, then you can buy our products in bulk and repackage yourself, but we might be able to find something for you or to use your existing containers once we have tested them.

 Are you Certified Organic? 

We choose to use certified ingredients where possible, but we are not and don't claim to be certified organic. This is a certification process that needs your product to contain at least 95% organic ingredients. You cannot say that your products are organic.

What is the shelf life of the products? 

We have an 12-18-month shelf life on most products. 

Do your products come with boxes? 

No, our products don’t include boxes. 

What's the minimum amount that I have to spend to buy from your private lable pricelist?

 The MOQ is 1 litre for skin care or 5 litres for body or 50 units - but we can make exceptions. 

Can you help me with lable or logo design? 

We have a range of template options for you to choose from or our designers can create a bespoke logo or lable just for you or you can use your own designer. 

How do I know what ingredients are in the products?

A full INCI list is on our website. 

What is your refund policy?

Faulty or damaged products, we will replace your items as soon as we can. Please contact us as soon as possible (ideally within 48 hours of receiving the item) with a photograph of the fault. We do not offer refunds due to change of mind. All items are personalised JUST for you and cannot be sold to anyone else. 

Can I buy a sample of the products I want? 

Yes, the pricing is on our pricelist. The lead time is 2-4 weeks. 

Will my products be Beauty without Cruelty approved? 

No they will not, only the brand Pink Cosmetics has applied to beauty without cruelty to have our brand certified as Cruelty free. The Pink lab is not. We only use cruelty free and vegan ingredients so these are the 2 terms you may use on your products. Cruelty free. Not tested on animals. Vegan.

 Do you help with certification from BWC? 

No we don’t- if you apply to them to get certified , you will need a lot of paperwork from us & we do not have the man power for this. We have an hourly consultation rate for assisting with this which may be enquired upon. 

I want you to make me a new product only for myself that’s not on your pricelist can you help me with this? 

Yes, we can- we have an hourly consultation rate to have an online meeting and discuss what we can and can’t help with. We can formulate a product specifically for you or add ingredients to some standard products- R350 - R450 per hour and the price of raw material etc. Formulating a product can cost between R2000-R4500 per product.



Why is your leadtime for making products so long?

Every product ordered is made from scratch with fresh ingredients. They dont sit in containers getting old waiting for orders. Every client has different bottles jars and packaging requirements. This requires between 50 and 100 components per product from all over the world. They all need to be sourced, shipped, and then made, poured, labeled etc We have many clients we manufacture for who are ahead in the Q- so pls order timorously.

Can you make specially fragranced bombs just for me?

No, we cannot. We have been making rock hard, perfect bathbombs succesfully for 10 years and we know the fragrances that work- if you want personalised scents we can make a trial batch for you - its R1000 for test batch of 20 or more money if the fragrance is more expensive. If the bombs dont work there is nothing we can do its a failed batch and you would have to try another fragracne or one of ours that we know already works.  

Bombs are very tricky and senstive and we make the best quality, longest fizzing and long lasting, rock solid bombs so we DONT mess with what works- some fragrance oils with vanillin in can make bombs get brown spots which looks like mold, or dont allow to be made at all, or crack after drying or dont get hard or crack after drying! Its science and we cant mess with it!

Fragrances that we can work with succesfully are: 

Si, be delicious, Elie Saab, Angel, Poison, Pink Friday, Coco mademoissle and some mens perfumes.

Bubblegum, Mango, Watermelon, Strawberry, Blueberry, kiwi fruit, lemon meringue