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How it works

1          Choose products you want in your range

Add to cart either a Single Sample (plastic or glass), 50 units, or 1 ltr or 5 ltr. If you are not sure what to buy then order a Kickstart your dream business consultation with Janet Pink to help you save time and money to get it EXACTLY right.



2          We receive your order

We contact you to check colour bottles and lids sprays or pumps you want and provide you with a bottle or jar sample for you to send to printer or use yourself for your lables. Download our Demo video on how to size lables correctly.

3          We order all raws, packaging etc. Each clients order is made from scratch with fresh ingredients and personalised for you depending on your requirements & aesthetics. This requires between 50 and 100 components per product from all over the world. They all need to be sourced, shipped, and then made and poured etc We have many clients we manufacture for who are ahead in the Q- so pls order timeously. We then proceed to manufacture your order.

8          Within 4 to 8 weeks your order will be sent with full insurance.

You get your beautiful ready to sell products and you START selling


The information provided on our site-is to the best of our knowledge at the time of writing, in line with the requirements of the Foodstuffs, Cosmetics and Disinfectants Act No54 of 1972, Draft Regulation 22 December, 2017.

The information provided can be used for the following purposes: • Product packaging • Marketing materials • Product descriptions Product Names & Information

As our white label products are used by various clients, we recommend that you rename the products and reword the product information to be reflective of your brands personality, ensuring that the information remains unique to your brand.

Ingredients lists and product information are subject to change without notice by Pink Cosmetics Labs. We will however, where possible, endeavor to notify you of any ingredient or product information changes in advance.

Claims & Certifications The majority of our products have a high natural percentage, are primarily plant-based, and neither our raw materials nor our products themselves are tested on animals. Our products are, however, not organic.

To make a “cruelty-free” claim, you will need to apply for Beauty Without Cruelty endorsement, and to make a “vegan” claim, you will need to apply for South African Vegan Society endorsement.

In South Africa, there is no regulatory authority to which you need to apply or register your products before taking them to market.