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Are you struggling with what new products to add to your range? Wanting to extend your current range but not sure where to start? EXISTING white lable clients OR if you already own business. ARE ABLE TO BOOK A ONLINE ZOOM CHAT WITH JANET to ask for advice or help on their business or even business idea. 

You can book once a month or once-off as you need advice? No need for complicated packages!

How does it work?

Book your 30-minute consultation now and we will send you a detailed worksheet (within 48 hours / weekends excluded)

Questions that I assist with

Is my logo/lable up to scratch and could it be better and how?

What products should I add to my range?

How do I start and IG or Fb account

Should I get a website? 

How do I sell on IG and FB

Help, I need shipping, boxes, lables and tissue paper? Janet shares her secret list of suppliers!

 You can also ask any questions you have and get help and guidance.