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Fragrance testers - Bath & Body dupes

Fragrance testers - Bath & Body dupes

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Are fragrance testers come in a small 1ml vial for you to smell, they are 100% concentrated oils so they are not used this strong in products- its for you to see what they smell like so that you can choose the perfect selections for your range of body products.

These are our Fragrance options which are available for Bath, Body and hair products- NOT bathbombs these come ONLY in Rose or Lavender and assorted perfume designer fragrances. 

Bath and body works dupes

1. Warm Vanilla Sugar - A cozy blend of vanilla, sandalwood, and jasmine.
2. Fiji Sunrise - Transporting you to a tropical paradise with hints of coconut and pineapple.
3. White T-Shirt - A fresh and clean scent reminiscent of freshly washed laundry.
4. Dark Kiss - A mysterious and alluring blend of black raspberry, burgundy rose, and dark vanilla bean.
5. Pure Wonder - A refreshing and invigorating scent with notes of citrus and lily.
6. Clean Slate Cologne - A crisp and masculine fragrance with hints of fresh air and greenery.
7. Sun-Drenched Linen - Captures the essence of sun-kissed linens drying in a gentle breeze.
8. Black Cherry Merlot White Barn - A rich and fruity scent of dark cherries and merlot wine.
9. Hello Beautiful - A floral and feminine fragrance with hints of white gardenia and bergamot.
10. Among the Clouds - A dreamy and ethereal scent evoking the feeling of floating among fluffy clouds.
11. Whiskey Reserve Cologne - A warm and sophisticated blend of oak, whiskey, and amber.
12. Japanese Cherry Blossom - A delicate and romantic floral fragrance inspired by cherry blossom season in Japan.
13. Champagne Toast - A bubbly and celebratory scent with notes of pink champagne and black currant.
14. Watermelon Lemonade - A refreshing and fruity blend of sweet watermelon and tangy lemon.
15. Cinnamon Spiced Vanilla - A cozy and comforting fragrance combining cinnamon, vanilla, and nutmeg.
16. Vanilla Bean Noel - A sweet and indulgent scent featuring creamy vanilla bean and sugar cookies.
17. Pink Pineapple Sunrise - A tropical and vibrant fragrance with juicy pink pineapple and hints of coconut.
18. Sea Island Shore - A fresh and aquatic scent reminiscent of a sunny day by the sea.
19. Beautiful Day - A bright and energizing fragrance with notes of apple, daisy, and fresh air.
20. Twisted Peppermint - A festive and minty fragrance perfect for the holiday season.
21. Dark Amber and Oud - A rich and exotic blend of dark amber, oud wood, and spices.


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