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Content studio- Brown ombre aesthetic - Automatic Download

Content studio- Brown ombre aesthetic - Automatic Download

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No idea how to start posting on your social media feeds? No time to sit and think up and post everyday? The colors and patterns are totally editable so you can change the colour aesthetic very easily. 

Subscribing to our monthly templates with captions and post templates editable in Canva to make Social media posts a breeze! We save you hours of time and teach you how to schedule posts a month ahead of time. You will need to use Canva for this. There are lots of tutorials and its very simple.

"Kickstart your social media" is the perfect and affordable way to preplan and post your content across all feeds for a month! Save time and money with the 2 free recommended apps , and plan your feed in 1-2 hours for the whole month! 

This month's beautiful aesthetic is created using super trendy tan and brown - but all templates can be changed to match your brand colours and aesthetic.

30 editable canva templates for your Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest & Twitter feed.

Some pics are blank for you to insert YOUR product pics and change the colours of the borders or shapes to match your brand aesthetic, 

15 customizable long length caption templates which can be personalized

15 Caption prompts/quick captions and sayings to mix and match to the curated pictures.

10 lifestyle pictures 

15 product spotlights posts - all you will need is 10 product pics (we can help with those too- we have 2 product photographers that you can send your product to for pics. )

You will receive the written content in a Google doc and the images in Canva- you will receive a full instruction guide how to use them on Canva as well as how to schedule them. You can then mix and match the pictures to your content. 

This is beauty, skincare targeted content, but can be used for other industries too, email us on about your industry and we will work on additional niches to add. 

You will only receive this months download on purchase if you buy the subscription package they will be emailed to you personally every month. 

Pls do not share this package with other people once you have downloaded it,  encourage them to rather support our business and buy one from us directly!!! My team and I spend hours and hours creating this for you.

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