Bathbomb Kit - DIY

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These ingredients are for all the ingredients you need to make 15- 20 bathbombs.

We cannot get metal molds due to COVID - this is a world wide shortahe on everything - its a plastic MOULD - not metal. We have lowered the price, the metal moulds cost us R170+ each and will be available as soon as we are able to get them. 

All our dry and wet ingredients, 1 fragrance and 1 colour, for perfect, rock hard - no fail bathbombs. With a mold. Makes 20 bathbombs size 5 cm. step by step instruction guide. 

Colours- Pink, Lilac, blue, green, orange 

Fragrances - Rose, Bubblegum, Strawberry, Lemon meringue, Watermelon.


Equipment you need:

Electric hand beater or a food mixer

Tray with double layer bubble wrap